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Michele Wolfe
Michele graduated cum laude from Creighton University. She began her career with Marriott Corporation and played a key role in opening the Residence Inn in Rancho Bernardo, CA. She spent the next ten years honing her accounting and management skills with several different entities in San Diego before moving to Eagle in 2001.

Michele has over 25 years of experience in both small business accounting as well as managing accounting departments for publicly traded companies. She is committed to providing exceptional customer service and detailed accounting support.

Brad Nickum
Over the course of three decades, Brad's career has revolved around one basic maximize the incomes and wealth (in a sustainable way) of all those which engage in his services.

Brad holds degrees in Finance/Accounting, Mathematics, Economics, and Engineering.
Brad's resume of professional positions held is extensive, and includes:

  • United States Department of Justice / Unicor Division
  • KPMG (Peat, Marwick) / Management Consulting (Passed CPA exam 1982)
  • Profit Technologies Corporation / Founder & Director of Research and Business Development
  • In Line Development / President
  • Prudential Securities / several SEC "Series" designations (Portfolio Manager)
  • Earnings Performance Group / Practice Manager of Revenue Enhancement Division
  • Nickum Business Diagnostics, Inc. / President Bank Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Nickum Construction, LLC / President
  • IPA / Project Manager, Small Business Consulting North America
  • D & B Management Corp / President & Co Founder