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D & B Management Corporation


We can help you:


Have you ever asked yourself "where is all this heading"? 

Most small business owners find themselves so busy with the day to day activities of running a business that they find themselves asking that very question.  Sometimes they ask the question too late.   Don't let that happen to you.

Over the course of decades we have advised companies (both small and large) and guided them through the process of improving the value of their companies and, if so desired, eventually selling them. This has involved companies ranging from multi-billion dollar banks to small companies just like yours.

Sometimes the process is as simple as:

  • Providing affordable accounting and clerical services 
  • Providing strategic and tactical observations and advice
  • Providing tax and professional cost savings
  • Increasing revenue and liquidity through achieving bank friendly metrics and targeted growth (which might include acquisitions).
  • Maximizing the value of your business for your eventual exit.

We can also help with structuring seller information needed by buyers that will help ensure the seller gets top dollar.  We also work toward finding that buyer.

Your personal and business needs and time frame dictate what makes sense for you. 


Chances are, you are familiar with our clients already. You don't know about it as we hold our relationships in the strictest confidence.

Our experience is wide and deep, and some of our people have been used as expert sources in venues such as the US Congressional Record or USATODAY relating to the re-regulation of the financial services industry or MIT and Northwestern University on matters relating to labor economics and quantitative marketing strategies.


Our first meeting is free of charge. We can't begin to tell you how we can best serve your needs until we learn about you and your aspirations.

Let us help you.